Try your hand at sand-yachting in Ouistreham!

For a day out with friends, swap your swimsuit for a helmet and a windcheater, and get ready for a rush of adrenaline! You might love working on your tan on the beach, but there are plenty of other things to do in and around Caen-la-Mer.

The wind began to blow during the day – just the right time for some sand-yachting! So, we'll head for the club on Ouistreham beach for a first lesson in the Normandy coast's number one sport.

Meet our instructor

We headed for Ouistreham Riva-Bella beach, where Sylvain, our instructor, was waiting beside the sand yachts. He explained the safety rules and how the sand yacht works so that we could handle the speed and the steering. You pull on a cord to go faster or let it go to slow down, it's all quite basic and simple… But in the heat of the action, it's quite different!

A taste for adventure on the sand yachts

While I take up position in my sand yacht, Florence has already begun her drive. I can hear a few shrieks, but it seems like she has been doing this all her life! Now it's my turn...

It can't be that complicated, can it? I have hardly picked up the cord when the wind carries me away in the wrong direction. But there's no giving up now, so I steer it back into the right direction, let go of the cord and off I go! And when the children from the local club overtake me, I am keen to take revenge. As soon as I get a good gust of wind, I'll reach top speed! Must be careful not to fall off, though.

No harm done! Even though Florence made fun of me when I had my memorable fall (with no bones broken), we really had a great day out.

We like

  • La sensation de vitesse du char à voile
  • L’air iodé de la plage

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