In the footsteps of the French commandos at Sword Beach

After our visit to the Caen Memorial and the D-Day beaches, we wanted to see Sword Beach, the only beach where French forces landed on D-Day.

Sword Beach, where the French forces landed

When you arrive at Sword Beach, you realise that the beach is very similar to Omaha Beach, with its wide stretch of sand. You can see why these beaches were chosen to make the landings easier.

When you walk on the beach, you come across remnants of D-Day such as the famous "dragons' teeth" that stopped the tanks from advancing and the German bunkers. But you have to keep your eyes peeled to see them because sometimes they are covered in sand and plants.

A little further on, "the Flame" of the Memorial to the French Commandos signals to us. To get there, you need to go up 7 steps representing the 7 French soldiers killed on Sword Beach. When you are in front of the monument, you can read the names of the soldiers killed in the fighting, next to a stone statue of Commandant Kieffer.

Even though we weren't able to visit all the D-Day beaches, we wanted to see the site where the 177 French soldiers under Commandant Kieffer landed on 6 June 1944.

We like

  • Découvrir l’endroit même où les français ont débarqué
  • Retrouver les vestiges du Débarquement sur la plage

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