In accordance with the French Tourism Code, the brochures and booking contracts offered by our departments contain the general terms and conditions deriving from Articles R211-3 to R211-11 of the Tourism Code, relating to the common provisions on the organisation of holiday sales. Extract from the Tourism Code.

Our services

1) Our prices include all the services specified in our brochure.

2) Our prices do not include:

– meals and beverages (reservations and payment are your responsibility)

– additional services requested after the initial booking has been made.

– entries to museums (bookings and payment are your responsibility) not specified in our estimate.

– coach transport.

– any tourist taxes payable, administrative costs (for non-EU nationals).

– personal expenses.


Our prices include VAT and are valid until the service has been delivered as specified in the agreement form. The Tourist Office reserves the right to increase the prices stated in the brochure to reflect price increases from our external service providers or a VAT hike.

Day packages

1/ Stated rates apply from Monday to Saturday (Sundays and bank holidays on request), are based on 40 people and subject to availability and VAT rate alterations. Free driver entry. Rates do not include transport or personal expenses.

2/ Some site openings are subject to weather or tide restrictions. Please contact us depending on the selected date.

3/ Lunch includes a 3-course meal and drinks package. The choice of menus from partner restaurants is provided with the quote agreed for the selected day.

4/ Trip suggestions can be combined to create a bespoke schedule subject to feasibility (distance, site opening times etc.).

5/ Group numbers must be confirmed at least 1 week before the group’s arrival. Any withdrawals after the deadline may be invoiced.

Booking and Payment

1) A booking is deemed to be firm and final on receipt of the agreement form duly completed and signed. A full payment is requested at least 30 days before the date of the visit. Our guides are unable to accept any payment in situ.

2) The Tourist Office accepts payment in cash, by cheque, travellers’ cheques, credit card or voucher (accepted on the day of the tour: subject to agreement by our department and defined at the time of booking).

3) Transaction and currency charges (outside the Euro zone) are the client’s responsibility.

4) The number of participants must be stated at the time of booking and confirmed 48 hours before the tour.


1) The Tourist Office, acting as a tour organiser, has to select different service providers to deliver its programmes. It cannot therefore be held liable for any alterations to timetables or itineraries, or changes to meeting places which are the result of circumstances beyond its control. In these circumstances, any delays experienced cannot provide grounds for a claim for compensation from the Tourist Office.

2) In the event of a service provider going into liquidation during the tour or the holiday or if, for reasons beyond its control (political situation, requisitions, official travel movements, strikes, weather conditions, etc.), the Tourist Office is unable to provide a large proportion of the services agreed in the contract and representing a considerable portion of the price paid by the purchaser, we will do everything possible to replace this with equivalent services. Under no circumstances can the Tourist Office be held liable for circumstances beyond its control, for the actions of third parties not connected with the provision of the services agreed in the contract or for the improper performance of the contract imputable to the client. The Tourist Office cannot be held liable for services purchased in situby the client external to the vendor’s ambit.

3) The purchaser is responsible (this applies particularly to services provided to non-EU nationals and to school trips) for ensuring that all police, customs and health formalities have been completed. Under no circumstances can the Tourist Office be held liable for any failure to complete compulsory health and administrative procedures and under no circumstances can the Tourist Office take responsibility for completing these procedures or seek any elements related to them.

4) Signature of the contract implies a commitment by all participants to the service.

Meeting place and itineraries

The meeting place and itineraries will be communicated with the agreement form. If this document is not received or is lost, please contact our offices as soon as possible.

Alterations or cancellations

1) All alterations or cancellations must be notified to us by letter or fax, with supporting documents, as soon as possible.

2) In the event of a significant alteration to numbers, the Tourist Office reserves the right to impose a penalty charge of 10% calculated on the basis of the original booking. However, the Tourist Office will charge for any expenses incurred by its service providers if these are charged to us.

3) In the event of a significant alteration and if the group is reduced to less than the minimum of 20 persons, the Tourist Office reserves the right to consider this a cancellation by the client and to apply the cancellation conditions stated below. Whatever the case, if the group goes ahead with less than 20 people, a minimum basic charge will be invoiced.

4) In the event of cancellation the amounts due will be calculated as follows:

For all total or partial cancellations occurring:

– more than 30 days before, a charge of 30 € will be made.

– between 30 and 20 days before, a charge of 40% of the total cost of the service (with a minimum of 40 €) will be made.

– between 20 and 8 days, a charge of 60% of the total cost of the service (with a minimum of 60 €) will be made.

– between 7 and 3 days, a charge of 85% of the total cost of the service (with a minimum of 80 €) will be made.

– less than 3 days to «no show», a charge of 100% of the total cost of the service will be made.


1) Any tour cut short and any service not used by the client cannot provide grounds for a reimbursement. Changes to services for personal convenience may give rise to additional charges.

2) For certain products and on certain dates the Tourist Office reserves the right to restrict the number of participants receiving a special rate. Once this quota has been reached, the standard rate quoted in the brochure will apply. There will be no reimbursement of the difference in the event of purchase of the same service at standard rates.

3) The Tourist Office requests that you kindly comply with the timetables stated on your documents. If no advance notice has been received, in the event of a «noshow » at the meeting-place, after one hour we will consider the service as being cancelled and you will not be entitled to any reimbursement. The guides’ working times commence at the time booked. Any delays result in waiting time for the guides which will be counted in their working time. If the delay is longer than one hour, without prior notice, the booking is deemed to have been cancelled. All charges nevertheless remain payable.

4) Travelling expenses: if the start and/or fi nish points are outside Caen la mer, travelling expenses will be charged at :

– up to 10 km: 5 €

– from 11 to 50 km: 30 €

– from 51 to 100 km: 70 €

– more than 100 km: 90 €

Guides’ meal expenses: if meals are not taken with the group, a charge of 25 € incl. tax will be made.

5) The Tourist Office cannot be held liable for loss or damage to any purchases, personal possessions or vehicles.

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